Conservation efforts

In Northeast India, two conservation program are going on for the conservation of Cycas pectinata populations in the state of Assam and Manipur. 

In 2014, Yendang: The Living Fossil, a cycad conservation program involving indigenous tribes and state forest department started in one of the cycad localities of Manipur (Yendang is local name of Cycas pectinata in Manipur). From 2015 onwards, Cycadologists and cycad lovers are organising Cycad Volleyball Tournament in Manipur to create awareness among the locals and to encourage youths in safeguarding the cycad populations. The cycad conservation program in Manipur is co-ordinated by Dr. JS Khuraijam. 

Other conservation efforts
1. Organised workshops at the vicinity of the cycad populations to involve local people in the cycad conservation programme. 
2. Train local people to cultivate seedlings at the backyard of their houses. 
The cycad conservation program in Odisha is co-ordinated by Dr. Rita Singh.

Ex-situ conservation 
A germplasm of Indian cycads is developed at GGS Indraprastha University, New Delhi. Dr. Rita Singh is in-charge of the ex-situ conservation.