Cycads of India

A mature male Cycas pectinata with cone in Manipur

Odisha Cycas

A young emerging female cone

Cycads of India

Cycads of India

Cycad Conservation Program

Cycads of India Team along with cycad saviors in Manipur


A local in Assam-Meghalaya border collection Cycas pectinata seeds



Cycad Diversity in India

Cycads in India is represented by one genus Cycas which comprises of thirteen species. These species are naturally found in India. Introduced species are not included in the list.

The following species are currently accepted names:

1. Cycas annaikalensis Singh & Radha (CR) [WLC]
2. Cycas circinalis L. (EN) [WLC]
3. Cycas beddomei Dyer (EN) [WLC]
4. Cycas indica Lindstr. & Hill [WLC]
5. Cycas nayagarhensis Singh, Radha & Khuraijam (CR) [WLC]
6. Cycas nathorstii Schust. (VU) [WLC]
7. Cycas pectinata Ham. (VU) [WLC]
8. Cycas orixensis (Haines) Singh & Khuraijam (EN) [WLC]
9. Cycas sainathii R.C.Srivast. (CR) [WLC]
10. Cycas seshachalamensis Rao, Prasad, Babu, Prasad & Prasanna (CR) [WLC]
11. Cycas sphaerica Roxburgh (DD) [WLC]
12. Cycas swamyi Singh & Radha (DD) [PlantList]
13. Cycas zeylanica (Schust) Lindstr. & Hill (VU) [WLC]

Conservation Status:- CR: Critically Endangered; EN: Endangered; VU: Vulnerable; DD: Data Deficient 
Reference databases:- WLC: The World List of Cycads (; PlantList: The Plant List (

New Subsection: Orixenses Singh & Khuraijam

*Citation: Singh, R. and Khuraijam, JS. 2019. Cycad Diversity in India In: Cycads of India: Online Database. 

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